Write your story today, and gift it to your family and friends this Christmas with our new


Family stories are important, they give us an understanding of who we are,
and where we've come from. 

As younger people, we don't think to ask questions of our older family members. We just love that they're around and in our life, and think they'll be there forever!, 

It's not until they leave us that the all those questions come racing up in our minds and we think "I should have asked this, or that", "I wish I had more time with them to sit and talk and ask the questions I now have" . 

This is why we have created this fantastic package - Legacy Books! 

A Legacy Book is a story handed down through the generations and to those that you love.
It's a gift from the past for the future. 

It's important to keep our stories alive. It's important for family connectivity and history. 

With our Legacy Book Package, anyone can write their life story, and we will produce a beautiful professional book for you, complete with images that can become a family treasure. 

We have even transformed family trees and ancestry information into beautifully printed books! 

To begin, all you need to do is send us your story, from there we have it edited, design a cover, format and design the internal pages and get it printed for you—ready to gift to your loved ones. 

A lasting legacy that is invaluable! 

We can even help you write your story should you need a little help.

Begin this month, and surprise your family this Christmas with the greatest gift of all!

Check out the inclusions below to see what you receive in the