In just 8 weeks time you could be looking at your FINISHED story!

That's right, in just 8 weeks you could have your book ideaout of your head, AND be looking at your finished manuscript!

My name is Rachael Bermingham, I'm one of the highest selling women authors in Australia, having sold over 7 million copies of my 10 bestselling books. 

My speciality is in helping people bring exciting stories and book ideas to life! Effectively, I transform a good idea into a GREAT idea, and help you bring that story or concept out of your head, into a manuscript, and then ultimately create a book that you, and readers, around the globe will LOVE! 

A proud mum to 3 boys, passionate surfer, and dynamic encourager of women, I am also a keynote speaker who has shared the stage with the likes of Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Neil Donald WalshTim Ferris and many, many more at writing workshops including those for Hay House Publishing.

For over 15 years I have been mentoring people on writing and selling their books, and for the past 12 years have headed up my own book production company Bermingham Books—where we mentor authors, and edit, design, print and distribute their sensational FINISHED books!  

Along with my dynamic team of editors, formatters, and designers, we love making BESTSELLING books!  

Today, I'm here to help YOU make your dream come true— to start your writing career!

Join me on this exciting writing adventure.  Bring your story to life, open up opportunities that are beyond amazing, and create a future for yourself and your family that could be beyond your wildest dreams!

This is NOT too good to be true!

Everyday people from retirees, to mums, dads, students, teachers, coaches, nutritionists, personal trainers, entrepreneurs, chiropractors, labourers, retailers, property developers, politicians and people in every other profession you can think of have written AMAZING books!

I've helped several mums from my son's school write books that blew my socks off. SUCH TALENT!

It's true what they say—everyone has a good book inside of them.  

If you think you can't do it, or that you can't possibly do it in just 8 weeks, think again because I have just finished writing 100,000 words in just half that time (4 weeks to be exact!) and I did it outside of the hours I work, race my 3 boys around to school, sports etc, and the normal day to day of groceries, cooking, washing etc.. If I, a solo parent (and others) can do it, you can too!

PLUS you've got me helping you!

Most new authors battle on for YEARS writing their book. They stop, they start, they do a bit more, then stop again. This happens ALL the time! And that's just the beginning of it! The biggest battle they have is with themselves. Battling the 'I'm not good enough' syndrome, or you might be familiar with this one, 'I don't know enough', or the 'who am I kidding, what will everyone say?' syndrome. You know the ones right?

I hear you. I've felt every single one of them too. It debilitates productivity, and kills dreams!

It's taken me years to fine tune the perfect formula to book writing success. Regardless of what your head is saying, and regardless of whether you work, have kids, a partner etc... MY BOOK WRITING PROGRAM WORKS!   

My authors FINISH their books!

They not only write their book, they write BRILLIANT books! Books people want to read, are marketable, and industry attractive.

My process for writing a book within weeks is THE BEST!

I've been mentoring authors for years so
you'll be in good hands!

Every single person I've mentored has written their book. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Yes, you read that correctly,

I have a 100% success rate

EVERY single person I've mentored on this program has not just written their book, they've gone into the book production phase (editing, design, print) and are out there selling their books!  

It doesn't matter how long you've wanted to write a book, the best time to begin is always now. One lady stopped and started her book for 25 years! I kid you not! Now she's finished her book (within 8 weeks), and onto her 2nd book! I'm so, so PROUD of her!

Imagine...Holding YOUR OWN BOOK in YOUR HANDS!


Now's the time! The time you've been dreaming of. Maybe you've been battling self-belief, maybe you just haven't known where to start, maybe you have just let every excuse under the sun stop and kill your dream up until now?

What You Need To Know This...

Regardless of everything that has stopped you until this moment, your dream is alive and burning brightly within you—because here you are reading this! That means it's still there igniting within you. So be brave, you don't need to do it alone! I'm here to help you, guide you, support you, and be with you every step of the way, every single week for a whole 8 weeks! 

I'm here to make the process SUPER easy! And with my system and mentoring, you will be surprised at just how quickly it all comes together.

So are you ready for me?

I'm ready for you!!!

Here's what you will learn in my fantastic, PROVEN,

8 Week Writers Mentoring Program...

Get Started Today & Begin Writing Your Book!

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The Set Up!  Week 1-2 

  • The book overview - what your book is about, and how it can be positioned in the market.

  • Your reader profile - who will be reading it, and who will be buying it, and what they'll be looking for out of your book.

  • The manuscript - we'll be setting up the foundation for your working manuscript.

  • The book components - what you'll need in your book to make it saleable.

  • The book plan - we'll be structuring all your ideas and thoughts, laying them out into the areas they'll need to be in so you can begin the writing process.

The Writing Process! Weeks 2-7

  • Each week over the course of this program, you will be with me on Zoom seeing my screen as we work together on your book.

  • You will learn my 5 Step PROVEN writing method that will have you writing from the very first week!

  • Where to begin, how to begin, where to write it within your manuscript.

  • No matter the book, be it a novel, 'how to' style of book, business, self-development, cookbook, legacy, or children's book, I'll help you write it including storyline, character development and more!

  • Writing techniques that will  appeal to your market and  book retailers.

The Publishing Process! Week 8

  • Where you'll be positioning yourself - understanding the difference between self-publishing and publishing, and deciding which is best for you.

  • Discover what the book production process looks like, what you need to do, and when you need to do it, how much you'll need to not just get your book produced and printed, but out there selling it!

  • When the best time is to release your kind of book.

  • What book distribution, publishing and marketing options you have.


On our  8 live mentoring video calls each week, you will be receiving professional writing wisdom, guidance, support, encouragement, and instruction every step of the away specifically for your book!

I will also be personally reviewing your work each week. No hiding here Sunshine! But at the same time, imagine having me with you each week to bounce off, AND to show you what to do? There's a lot to be said about being fully supported!

This is a journey we will be on together. You won't be alone. I'll be reading everything you're writing, correcting where needed, and ensuring your book is the best it can possibly be so you are PROUD of it!

At the end of this incredible adventure if you have followed everything I have shown, taught
and instructed you on,  

you will have your book finished! 


Get Started Today & Begin Writing Your Book!

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Why write with me?

GOOD QUESTION and one you need to ask ANY mentor before you begin with them.

I've written 10 books myself, ALL of them BESTSELLERS. I have self-published, published, distributed, marketed and sold literally MILLIONS of copies around the globe! 

I know this journey you're about to embark on intimately. I know what you're going to feel, how you're going to think, when you're going to stumble a little, and what to do to steer you around it and prevent it from stopping you.

You've heard of writers block right? It's a real thing, and can pull the brakes on a book being completed BIG TIME. But I also know it's very preventable. I'll steer you through that little hump, and you won't even feel it. 

Most writers don't have any idea where to begin. I know I didn't all those years ago with my first book. They find it really difficult to organise their thoughts and ideas onto paper. Most end up just putting it in the too hard basket without even beginning, which is soooooo sad because they have a brilliant idea, but the task seems overwhelming. It's honestly not.

In my 13 years of being in the book industry, I have made countless mistakes when writing my own books, editing my books, formatting my books, designing them, marketing them, distributing them, managing the business behind the book, and the list goes on! You're not going to make ANY of them with me by your side. Aaahhhh the gift of hindsight hey?

Yes I made my mistakes—lots of trials and errors later I am a pro! The process is so easy I can do it blind folded now!

These days I can quickly and easily organise my own, or other people's ideas into a manuscript layout into the time most people have for a lunch break!

There have been countless writers who have really struggled with this—after the very FIRST session with me, their book takes shape—they have an awesome book plan in front of them, and know where to begin, and what to write!

Writing with me is so much easier.

 You really need to have travelled that journey, have a great understanding of all elements of the book industry (not just the writing) before you can help someone to write—not just a good book, but


My incredible experience, and years of wisdom has enabled me to be at the place I now am where I am a

 highly valuable resource 

for new writers, just like you!!!

And to be honest there is soooo much more I know, including how to build a book empire that DOES really reward you, with not just a book that sells like hot cakes, but the lifestyle you want too!  

No one has the time, or money to throw around if there's not some  GREAT REWARD at the end. We all want our goals to manifest FAST, yes?

My clients have invested in their dream—help, direction, wisdom, and encouragement is vital—who doesn't need all those things when you're learning something new right?!!

Get Started Today & Begin Writing Your Book!

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What to know

* Sessions are held Monday-Thursday 9am-2pm QLD Australian time.
* Sessions outside these times are offered in special circumstances only. 

What you'll need

* Your computer
* Microsoft Word
An internet connection
* And your book idea!

Your 8 Week Writers Mentoring Program includes

The Setup - Week 1-2
The Writing - Week 2-7
The Publishing - Week 8
8 Weeks of Live Video Mentoring by me personally 
Weekly Writing Review
My guidebook "How to Write Your Book "
Support throughout the program

If you were to buy each of these components separately the cost would be $10,972, but you can enter my incredible 8 WEEK WRITING PROGRAM with tools, support, experienced review, bestselling book writing and industry mentoring today for $3979!

Your investment into the mentoring program roughly equates to the profit of selling just 100 books!

100 BOOKS! That's a walk in the park! 

You will have your book written, and be on your way to publishing or self-publishing your book!There's only 1 of me, so spaces for this program are limited. Be quick to take advantage of this amazing opportunity because it's for a  limited time only offer. This offer could be the offer you've been waiting for— the chance you've been looking for.

An offer and opportunity that's worth almost $11,000
available to you right at this moment for only $3979 + GST

I can't wait to hear all about your book! And I am soooo excited to get you started, AND see you proudly holding, and sharing it with readers everywhere!

I look forward to mentoring you in 2022!

Get Started Today & Begin Writing Your Book!

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