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The true story of how a mother and son’s weekend adventure turned into a fight for survival that made news headlines around Australia and beyond.

A taste for adventure over a long weekend leads Michelle Pittman and her 9-year-old son, Dylan, to head out for a series of hikes through several of Australia's beautiful national parks. Four fabulous days and a chance to explore somewhere new and experience something different. But a quick stroll in Mount Royal National Park takes a sudden turn when a split-second decision thrusts them into a fight for their lives. Lost in 6920 hectares of bushland and mountainous terrain, Michelle and Dylan have only a set of car keys, a dying mobile phone, the clothes on their backs, some survival skills thanks to watching Adventurer Bear Grylls on TV and their instincts. With no food, water or supplies, every step is a gamble to survive the hostile bush, mountains, dangerous drops, and freezing nights in the hope of finding a way out or being rescued.

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