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A powerful true story of survival.

"Tears ran down my face as I knelt beside my bed, clasping my 6-year old hands together, trembling in fear-praying they wouldn't come to get me."

In Australia, they called it the 'Stolen Generation', referring to the forced removal of indigenous children from their families. In New Zealand, they were known as the 'Lost and Unwanted Generation'.

They were orphans, unwanted by their families. Many didn't survive - but Daryl Te'Nadii did, and in this book he tells his incredible story from orphan, to living on the streets, and becoming an elite physical training instructor in the Australian Army.


"I am still finding it hard to put words to paper as the tears take over. What a journey lived by a true survivor. Many stories reach the world to what happened to many children. At times its hard to trust the writing presented by the media or writers who investigate and share what they have found but, to have a single person tell his story and one that is so beautifully written is incredible. The truth, the rawness and the passion in his writing reached so deep that I could not put the book down. What a gift to receive for my birthday. Putting the book aside I would walk past it every hour that day until I finally gave in and picked it up. Well, that moment on opening the first page led to the next until I found myself sitting on the edge of my bed for over 3 hours. Connected, captured, and wanting more the hours passed. I have since read this book again and will for a third time." Mary, Sydney

" OMG... the world needs more people like the Author of the amazing book. So deep and filled with amazing chapters that have you sitting in your seat as the hours pass. If ever a story needed to be taken to film, this is it." Jay, Queensland

"This book was brilliant! I had a 5am start for work but couldn't put it down, was still glued to it at 3 in the morn! Incredible story of resilience, written beautifully. Totally inspiration. Must read." Chrissie, Sunshine Coast

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