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THE RISING - Shannon Figallo

THE RISING - Shannon Figallo

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The Rising - Retribution Series - Book 1 - Shannon Figallo

Plucked from her carefree, happy life-budding paramedic Chantelle is groomed, removed from everything she's ever known, and held captive by Michael, a violent psychopath who has one aim—to break her.

A lucky escape gives her the chance to begin her life as "Lizzy," free of the beatings and abuse she endured for eight long terrifying years.

When a tall, dark, and handsome Dominic comes into her life, she dares to imagine a chance at love. But just as Lizzy begins to think her life can't get any better, her captor is released from jail and is on the warpath with a sinister plan that puts everyone she loves in danger.

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